A guiding light

Kauati is a policy and research consultancy based in Queenstown. The values of Kauati are guided by the spirit of Hakitekura.

Hakitekura was the first person to successfully swim across the ice-cold Whakatipu Waimāori (Lake Wakatipu). Learning from where others had failed, she took with her a kauati (firestick) to keep her warm once back on land, and signal her achievement.

Following her example of ingenuity, adaptability and perseverance, we work on the basis that every facet in the policy and planning process is significant. Our natural environment, our culture – one cannot be considered apart from the other. By looking to the lessons of the past, we ensure that we do the best by each facet and that our work stands the test of time.

Just like Hakitekura, we use the light of knowledge to guide our clients today, as well as a signal of our commitment to do our best by future generations.


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“I do so sincerely congratulate you both - it is an amazing, exceptional and wonderful report you’ve produced for us all ... thank you so much.”

Muriel Johnstone (Ngāi Tahu)